Our clients stat that using the flyers and post cards get a 2% response, so they are saying that 1,000 flyers or postcards are going to yield 20 new or repeat customers.  Ok, so x times y = income.

Now what if we can control when someone see your flyer or postcard within 60 seconds?

90% of your targeted customers are going to see your offer in less than 1 minute, and it does not stop there. So when you send a flyer or post card to Jenny a few things have to go right to make sure she is going to see/get your offer. When we send Jenny a text, she gets it in seconds, and more important she wants the text it is simple for her.

( not talked about here is what to do after your customer gets one text, CALL US to learn more)

QR Code is a great way to track your customers and learn what they like, so if you have 1,000 customers that like product “rt” and your stock of “rt” is not moving, guess what run a SMS Advertisement to your “rt” customers and get them back in the store to sale out that stock. This is just an example we hope you get what we mean about targeting your customers for offers you know they buy.

Starbucks is equipped with 2D bar code recognition software, so employees can read the mobile coupon directly from consumers’ mobile phones at the point of sale.

“Every time you present your coupon, the offer would be modified, such as get a venti for the price of a tall, to make people come more often to the store,” Mr. Borrell said. “What Starbucks cares about most is the number of people who actually present 2D bar codes, and the redemption rate was about 60 percent.

This is not message over load or is this an expensive way to reach new and old customers. Matter of fact this is the lowest cost to date for today’s marketing.

So get started now, Start slow and after you see how powerful this really is build on to your efforts slowly and be the new standard in your marketplace and be years ahead of your competition!!  Contact Us now SMS Marketing– A real live way to reach the world, in seconds..