Have you heard the expression “Facts Don’t Lie”?

sms marketing facts

Have a look at these 5 Proven Facts Why Mobile Matters, and then tell us you don’t need our services right now:

FACT #1: 5 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide. Earth’s entire population is about 6.8 billion. And science tells us 5 billion of them own a cell phone. Read that again. Let that sink in.

FACT #2: 51 Million People Have Smart Phones. You’ve no doubt noticed, it’s getting harder and harder to just get a phone. These days, a phone is like a mini-laptop in the palm of your hand. And within 2-3 years nothing but smart phones will be sold. Let us show you how to easily profit from this “smart phone revolution” that is going on.

FACT #3: 91% of Cell Phone Users Keep Their Phones With Them All Day Long. It’s a fact. And perhaps you’re one of them? Think about it, what are the 3 things you never leave your house without? Most likely it’s: Your keys, your wallet, and your cell phone. This makes mobile phones the perfect medium for ultra-targeted marketing.

FACT #4: 97% of All Text Messages Sent Get Read. Almost all businesses have understood by now that they need to have a website. And they’ve also understood the value of an email list… BUT what most of them have completely missed the boat on is the fact that email marketing promotions get a very weak open-rate. Only about 20% of emails sent get read. Mobile marketing and text messages, on the other hand, have a 97% open-rate. This makes mobile marketing the superior strategy for innovative businesses on the cutting edge of marketing.

FACT #5: 2.5 Billion Text Message Are Sent Every Day In The US Alone. What this tells you is that this is that you, me, and everyone we know communicates mostly through our cell phones today.

That’s why text message marketing using Gigs Media SMS Marketing services helps you instantly reach your customers exactly in the way you talk to your friends one-on-one.

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